Block Party

Beachside Casino Private Space

Invite Block Party attendees to join your company for a private, exclusive party at the Beachside Casino, which overlooks the Mandalay Bay Beach. The event space is on the second level and the windows collapse open so that you can overlook the party. The space will include a mixology demo or wine sommelier and a DJ.


Flip Flop Exchange

This sponsorship provides your company TWO touchpoints with attendees. In addition to interaction and recognition at the event itself, this sponsorship will drive traffic to your booth throughout the conference. After attendees pick up their badge at the SPI registration counter, they will be given their sponsor-branded left-foot flip flop and instructions to pick up their right-foot flip flop at your booth.


This sponsorship puts your company front-and-center, making you the first interaction attendees have when they arrive at the Block Party. Your staff will have the opportunity to hand out the remainder of the flip flops at the shoe check near the entrance of the party, in case they forgot to stop by your booth. 


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Lei Experience

This sponsorship provides interaction with all the attendees at the Block Party. 

While at the Block Party, attendees will have the opportunity to make a flower lei. Your company will have the opportunity to brand the lei with a custom medallion of with your logo. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and greet attendees as they make their lei and capture their badge data via lead retrieval. 


Photo Booth & Strolling Photographer

Help attendees capture the night through a GIF photo booth station. Each photo will be branded with your logo so that when attendees share to social media, your logo will be included and your hashtag can be tagged. Any physical prints will also print with your logo. Feel free to provide branded props and interact with the attendees as they wait in line for their photo.

The strolling photographer will walk around the party and capture attendees in the moment enjoying the party with their peers. The photo will go directly to an ipad where attendees can share immediately to social media. Your logo will be included on these photos and your hashtag will be tagged. Feel free to walk around with the photographer and interact with the attendees while they share their photo to social media. 


Pool Dance Party

Be front and center of the party as attendees get down on the dance floor!  The dance party is the most popular activity at the SPI Block Party! The DJ will be on a special platform in the pool, the pool lights will be branded in your company colors, light up branded globes will float in the pool, and a branded gobo light will be displayed on the dance floor. The DJ booth will also be branded with your logo. There is only one way to enter this section of the party, so as attendees enter this area of the party, you can greet them and scan their badge via lead retrieval.


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Private Cabana

Take advantage of a private space at the party to meet with clients over a drink. Each cabana is equipped with a flat screen TV that can be branded with your company logo.


Speciality Cocktail

Provide a beach-themed cocktail to all the attendees at the party. The cocktail will be passed throughout the party during the first hour, and will also be available at all the bars.  Signage at each bar will indicate the name of the cocktail with your company logo.